High Performance Brake Calipers

Calipers are an important part of a cars braking system. Today there are many different types of calipers being manufactured. Many of today's vehicles that are looking for extreme braking performance are moving to larger calipers and big brake kits . Brembo brake calipers are world-renowned for their legendary stopping performance. Since the popularity of the big brake caliper has taken off, many other companies are now manufacturing larger powder coated brake calipers and big brake kits for a variety of different automobiles.

Brembo Brake Calipers

Brembo brake calipers are offered in sizes ranging from 2 piston to the massive 8 piston caliper. Brembo brake calipers are offered in a variety of eye-catching colors such as: red, silver, black, and gold.

Rotora Brake Calipers

Another rapidly growing company is Rotora. Rotora provides extremely high quality kits and brake calipers for many different imported vehicles. Rotora are the leaders in new brake kits design, and are usually first to market when it comes to brand new vehicles. Rotora has brake calipers ranging from 2 piston to 6 piston and will soon be releasing an 8 piston caliper.

Brake Caliper Paint System & Painted Brake Calipers

Many people who want the look of a big brake caliper, but do not want to pay the price are resorting to brake caliper paint kits. Brake Caliper Paint Systems were developed to show off a vehicle's brake components through open-spoke style alloy wheels. Painted brake calipers can be used to give all of a vehicle's stock brake calipers the look of expensive, painted brake caliper, high performance brake calipers, as well as add color to rear drum brake-equipped vehicles. Easily applied as a brush-on, the Brake Caliper Paint System Set is engineered for universal application on automotive brake calipers and drums, and will even help protect these vital brake components from potentially harmful oils, chemicals and rust.

The Brake Caliper Paint System Set are available in eight high-gloss, wear-resistant colors that can be selected to complement or contrast a vehicle's primary and/or accent colors. Available brake caliper paint colors include: Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Gold, Black, Purple, Green and White.

Our experience indicates that a Brake Caliper Paint System Set provides sufficient materials to paint 4 brake calipers, or 2 brake calipers and 2 brake drums. However vehicles with large brake calipers on the front axle and large brake drums on the rear axle may require two complete Brake Caliper Paint System Sets to assure adequate coverage.

Two-part paint system does not require brake caliper removal

High-gloss finish

Colors are fade resistant

Seals and protects

Heat-resistant up to 950? F

Suitable for race cars, too

Oil and chemical resistant

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