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Brake pads are the single most critical component when doing a brake job. Careful thought and research should go into what type of pad would work best for your vehicle. Nowadays you have many types of brake pad to choose from: ceramic, semi-metallic, racing pads, depending on the type of brake-pad you choose will greatly affect the braking performance of your vehicle. Some pads are formulated specifically as low dust brake pads some brake pads for superior stopping power and everything in between. It is usually recommended to change your brake rotors when changing brake pads, or if you choose not to change your brake rotors to resurface them prior to installation of the pads. This will ensure the pads will brake in properly and will reduce the chance of squealing. Failure to do this can lead to initial brake pad squealing for the first few hundred too few thousand miles until the pads get acclimated to the shape of the brake rotor. Many motorists today often ask us what is the best brake pads for my car, or what is the deal with ceramic brake pads. Ceramic pads can be great, and there are many different types of friction formulas to choose from. There are no two formulas are exactly alike, so depending on the pads you choose it may alter your vehicles braking performance. That being said to find the best suited brake setup for your vehicle it is best to ask yourself the following questions.

What is the most important factor to you in a brake pad?

· More stopping power

· Low dust brake pads

· Longer lasting brake pads

· Quiet brake pads

What type of vehicle will you be installing the brake pads on?

· Car brake pads

· Truck brake pads

· SUV brake pads

Finally, What will the vehicle be used for?

· Normal street driving

· Aggressive street driving, light track use

· Racing

· Towing

Once you have identified what your top priorities are for your brake job it will help you choose the best brake pads for your vehicle.

Hopefully this page has given you a little more insight into choosing the best brake pads for your car truck or SUV. If you need additional help in selecting the pad that best meets your needs navigate around our sight and you will find much more information on the brands we sell. After you have the information you need select the year/make/model of your vehicle from the drop down menus, and start shopping for your performance brake pads.

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