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Rotex Brake Pads

Rotex brake pads are the finest Kevlar metallic pad to date. Rotex brake pads offer excellent stopping power. Rotex brake pads are a combination of top-rated performance and a long service life.

How Rotex brake pads work

The friction material in the Rotex brake pads blends Kevlar with metallic soft steel wire and powdered sponge iron for maximum heat transfer, and silver virgin graphite for smooth quiet performance. This 60% metallic blend reduces vibration, which causes squeal, and runs virtually dust free eliminating the common problem of "black dust" on the wheels. Rotex brake pads are thus, perfect for drilled or slotted rotors.

Rotex brake pads are the lowest dusting pads we have ever seen. This is in part to its unique Kevlar bonding material used in production of the brake pads. The Rotex gold brake pad on average will last 30-40% longer than an organic brake pad. Rotex’s aggressive metallic content assures that your vehicle will stop quickly, yet is formulated for the street as to not be abrasive to your rotors. Rotex was originally developed for import vehicles such as Mercedes and BMW to provide a pad with exceptional stopping power, but without all of the dust that the factory pads emit. Now Rotex covers a complete line of foreign and domestic applications, so all auto enthusiast can enjoy the benefits of dust free wheels.

Key Features of Rotex Brake Pads

1.      Quieter by design

2.       Rotex brake pads are slotted and chamfered like original equipment 

3.      Highest quality raw materials to meet rigid control standards 

4.      Special graphite in the premium metallic means low or no dust on expensive  wheels

5.      Formulated to exceed industry standards for wear and durability 

6.      Leaders in new part number availability


1.      State of the art equipment to produce product of consistent quality and  specifications

2.      400 ton cure process to insure consistent product density 

3.      Powder coated paint system to resist plate corrosion and improve fit 

4.      Diamond wheel grinders provide a consistent flat mating surface to the rotor 

5.      New ink jet edge codes for easy product identification 

6.      Members of F.M.S.I., S.A.E., A.P.R.A. to keep current with industry changes 

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