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Performance Rotors


Performance rotors, and brake pads are one of the most important upgrades you can make for your vehicle. Performance rotors such as cross drilled rotors or slotted rotors can reduce stopping distances, and increase rotor and brake pad life. Today there are many different performance rotor options available. Lets first start with what makes a performance brake rotor better than a regular brake rotor.

Performance Brake Rotors Manufacturing Process

So what sets one cross drilled performance rotor or slotted rotor apart from the rest? It starts with the sourcing of the highest quality raw materials.  It is critical that quality iron be used in the production process and that the manufacturer meets all of today’s highest standards. It is also critical that the brake rotors are properly mill balanced. The real production takes its first steps in the foundry: here the initial castings take shape.  Next the items will be sent for machining which will eliminate any excess rotor material.  During this phase of production cross drilled holes, slots, and chamfers will be added. As the rotor moves on down through the cycle it will be heat treated, and then many manufacturers will add a final layer of protection such as nickel, zinc, or nano coating to prevent the rotors from rusting.  

Many companies now have so called performance rotors, and to the uneducated buyer they can all look the same and be somewhat confusing. Unfortunately many of these so called performance rotors are nothing more than an economy line rotor or low cost rotor with holes in it. This is both a disservice to the customer and dangerous. Many of these companies proceed to ram holes through the rotor with total disregard to the vein structure of the rotor, making the disc weaker and unsafe. When selecting a brake rotor it is advised to select a reputable brand such as Disc Italia, Brembo, or chromebrakes, just to name a few.  This will ensure you have a high quality, long lasting brake rotor, and a manufacturer that stands behind its product.

Performance Rotors Types

Each driver has their own unique driving styles, and therefore we carry different types of performance brake rotors.  Please click on the links below for more information.

·       Performance cross drilled rotors

·       Performance cross drilled and slotted rotors

·       Performance slotted rotors

Did you know offers customized brake rotors designed and machined in our facilities? All cross drilled rotors are computer programmed and machined on automated CNC machines to eliminate human error. Each individual rotor is drilled according to the part number and specifications of the rotor number. can manufacture you a completely customized product offering different sized chamfers, holes, and slotting sizes according to your driving needs. Chamfering the holes allows for a smooth surface on the rotor and will eliminate any extra pad wear. Placing a smaller chamfer or no chamfer on the holes is ideal for racing, but not for street use.