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disc italia hyper ceramic - pads

Price Range$55.00 - $600.00
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disc italia hyper ceramic

The Disc Italia Hyper Ceramic pad provides the ultimate in braking friction technology; it is a revolutionary "true" organic ceramic formulation is designed for cool, clean, quiet and long lasting operation. The Disc Italia Hyper Ceramic pad operates at much lower temperature levels than traditional semi-metallic pads, making the Hyper ceramic formulation extremely resistant to fading and over heating. This unique formulation extends the life of both the pads and rotors by operating at lower temperatures. The Hyper Ceramic material is very gentle on rotors even under harsh braking conditions. The Disc Italia Hyper Ceramic pad produces very low dust output levels, and includes interlocking anti squeal shims ensuring you will receive whisper quiet braking performance. Disc Italia Hyper Ceramic pads are protected with a black powder-coating on the backing plate. This is an all around superb brake pad and is suitable for both road and light track use. Disc Italia Hyper Ceramic Pads are optimized to be used with both high performance and original equipment brake disc.

WARRANTY BRAKE PADS 1 year /36,000 mile [whichever comes first] Warrantied against Materials and Workmanship Defects. Coverage exclusions are as follows, but not limited to: noise, dust emissions, and any perceived certification of defect which is not subject to customers' expectations. • Documentation or images may be required to submit a claim. The inability to produce any requested certification or paperwork renders the nullification of claim. • Manufacturers’ original equipment wheels and rims must be installed and used during the operation of any vehicle with Disc Italia authorized parts in order to be considered for coverage. Aftermarket wheels, or any wheel greater in diameter than OEM specifications are invalidating fitments. • Warranty is valid from date of purchase. Warranty does not cover parts that have been used for off road, track, law enforcement, or competition use. Warranty does cover cosmetic damages, normal wear and tear, or damage caused by negligence, lack of maintenance, accident, abnormal operation, improper installation or service. Because many vehicles inherently have on going problems, No more than one (1) warranty claim is allowed per customer. • Warranty claim requires proof of purchase, and must be approved by a Disc Italia employee. Customer will be responsible for return shipping cost. Any warranty claim that is accepted will be compensated by either store credit or replacement of product of equivalent value. Disc Italia neither makes nor implies any other product warranty or suitability for purpose other than that expressly declared here. To the extent that any salesperson has made any oral statements to the purchaser about the product, such statements are not warranties, should not be relied on by the purchaser, and are not part of the contract of sale.