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Disc Italia

 Disc Italia is widely recognized as one of the world's highest quality racing brake rotor manufacturers. Disc Italia brakes rotors are made from unique high carbon steel castings which reduce noise, and vibrations caused by the brake system, and are manufactured to the strictest tolerances. There drilled and slotted cast rotors provide a bold, aggressive appearance which complement vehicles running open style wheels. The bi-chamfered holes help prevent stress cracking which occur in lower quality rotors, and improve air circulation throughout the brake disc; this allows for the disc to operate at cooler temperatures than a traditional brake rotor. By keeping the braking area cooler it prevents the pad from being overstressed and from becoming overheated which would ultimately lead to brake fade. The slots channel away water during wet weather driving, and remove any excess carbon deposits from the surface of the brake pads. The end result is a rotor that outperforms and outlasts the competition while providing smooth, consistent braking throughout the life of the rotor. Disc Italia rotors are compatible with stock calipers, and pads, and do not require any special modification to install.

Disc Italia Rotors are quite possibly the highest quality replacement rotor money can buy. Although they are generally a little more expensive than some other brands, the quality of the castings and craftsmanship of the machining are unmatched in the brake industry. Each brake rotors increased tensile strength and application specific drill and slotting pattern, put this brand head and shoulders above the competition. While most companies that offer drilled and slotted rotors use a generic drill pattern for every part number [this is usually evident by simply looking at their product] Disc Italia engineers each individual part number according to the diameter, usable braking surface area, and vein structure of each brake disc. Making this brand the most highly optimized rotor for your specific automobile.

Disc Italia Brake Pad

Disc Italia brake pads provide very high friction co-efficient levels & increased braking performance and are optimized to perform with drilled or slotted rotors.

Disc Italia Hyper Ceramic

The Ultimate braking friction technology provided by the Disc Italia Hyper Ceramic pad which operates at much lower temperature levels than traditional semi-metallic pads, making the hyper ceramic formulation extremely resistant to fading and overheating. Hyper ceramic pads are protected with a black powder-coated on the backing plate.

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