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Brembo Rotors


Why choose brembo rotors?  Brembo is the worlds largets OEM supplier of brake parts.  What does this mean?  OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufactuer.  Brembo supplies more original equipment brakes on passenger vehicles than any other supplier.  This fact alone says a lot about brembos quality that many car companies would trust brembo to supply the rotors and pads.  If a manufacturer were to select poor quality brake parts then it goes without saying that would negatively reflect on their brand as a whole.

Brembo Rotors Manufacturing Process

Brembo uses the strictest standards when casting brake rotors.  Brembos quality assurance department sources all raw materials from trusted suppliers, and is involved in every step of the manufacturing process.  All rotors are created to German TUV standards.  The original brembo plant is located in Italy.  With the rapid expansion of the Brembo brand, they now have brake rotor foundries in Italy, Mexico, and China.

Types of Brembo brake rotors

Brembo makes four main categories of brake rotors.

The standard replacement [oem style] brake rotor represents the largest division of Brembo.  This department makes several million brake rotors annually for the street driven vehicles.

The Brembo sport rotor division is designed for street driven vehicles wanting to upgrade the longevity and stopping ability of their vehicle, and is a very affordable upgrade.

Brembo Gran Turismo brakes also known as Brembo GT brakes provides race inspired components and quality for your street driven vehicle.

Finally the Brembo Racing division represents the pinnacle of braking technology and can be found on many of the world’s foremost racing machines from F1 to Nascar.