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Auto Brake Shoes

Brake shoes paired with drum brakes work using hydraulic pressure. When a driver steps on the brakes, pressurized brake fluid travels to the individual wheel brakes, and small hydraulic pistons push the brake shoes onto the inside of the spinning surface of the wheel. The friction from the brake shoes slows the wheel down, and ultimately brings it to a halt. When the brake is released, springs pull the brake shoe back into a resting position, clear of the wheel. Brake shoes are only used with vehicles that have brake drums. Vehicles that have brake rotors would be use a brake pad to contact the rotor. Many vehicles still use drum brakes and rear brake shoe for the vehicle while using a pad on the rear and rotor system on the front.

Brakeworld offers high quality brake shoes designed to match your OEM specified brake shoes. All of our shoes are brand new and ready for installation right out of the box. Brakeworld Premium OEM brake shoes are all cam or contour grounded to ensure proper contact to the drums and eliminate brake chatter. Each shoe is made with the highest shear strength to ensure integrity of the brake shoe, this way you can be confident that your shoes will operate safely and have a long service life.

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