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Performance brake pads

Installing performance brake pads are a sure fire way to increase the performance of your brake system.  They will generally out brake, out last, and outperform your vehicles factory original brake pads.  Most factory pads installed on cars today are some type of semi-metallic formula.  Some car manufacturers install high quality pads, and an upgrade is not necessary.  Many do not; as the car manufacturer does not want to spend any extra money they don’t have to, to get the car off of the production line.  There is a good chance your vehicle is in the second category.  Not to worry we have many different types of performance brake pads that will solve your weak or spongy pedal feel.

Performance brake pad brands we carry

·       Disc Italia Hyper Ceramic  [In our opinion the best performance street pad money can buy]

·       Disc Italia Titanium Kevlar

·       Chromebrakes Ceramix

·       Xbrakes Carbon Metallic

·       Xbrakes Ceramix

·       Hawk HPS

·       Hawk Ceramic

·       Brembo Brake Pads

·       Ferodo

·       OEM brake pads

Performance pads are designed for all types of cars, trucks, SUVS’s.  We carry the following types of brake pads.

Car brake pads designed for ultra low dust output and shorter stopping distances.

Truck brake pads or severe duty brake pads designed for heavy vehicles, or vehicles that tow heavy loads.

SUV brake pads formulated for quiet stops with almost no dust output.  These pads are specifically formulated to adequately stop vehicles with larger sized wheels and tires.

After taking a look at the pads we offer take a few minutes to also research the different types of brake rotors we have available to match up with your new pads.  As a general rule it is advised to either replace your rotors when replacing pads, or to have the rotors resurfaced.  This will avoid squeaking during the brake in process. Of course if your vehicle is brand new, or you have just had rotors installed it is ok not to do this. So what’s the deal with ceramic brake pads click on the link below to find out.



Disc Italia Cross drilled & Slotted Rotors
Superior Stopping Power - Longer Lasting - Runs Cooler
Hyper Ceramic Performance Brake Pads
Cleanest Brake Pads - Whisper Quiet
Disc ItaliaStainless Steel Brake Lines
Instant Response - No More Sponge Pedal
RotoraOversized Big Brake Kit
Mega Stopping Power - Designed For Street & Track Use