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Drilled rotors

Drilled Brake Rotors

Drilled brake rotors are sometimes referred to as grooved brake rotors. These are rotors that have holes drilled through the surface area to allow cool area to circulate inside the rotor and keep them running at cooler temperatures. This creates less stress and less heat on both the rotors and brake pads; ultimately leading to longer lasting brake parts.

Drilled Rotors vs Standard

The biggest advantage of drilled brake rotors over standard brake rotors is that they can last considerably longer because they operate at several hundred degrees cooler than a standard brake disc. It is a wonder why more people do not install them on their cars, as the price difference is minimal.

Drilled Rotors vs Slotted

This is a commonly asked question with a simple answer. Most of the time a drilled rotor or drilled and slotted rotor is best suited for street used vehicles as the drilled style last longer. Generally slotted rotors are better suited for track use. They do maintain a larger braking surface area, but do not cool as effectively as the drilled rotors.

Drilled rotors worth it

It depends what your objective is. If your aim is to triple you rotor life then no this is not a realistic expectation. If you are satisfied with an average of a 30-50% life increase over standard brake disc then yes this is a more realistic expectation. If you are expecting your car to stop as if it had a $4000 racing brake system on it then no, but if you realize in general you will decrease your stopping distances anywhere from 5-20% depending on the type of pads chosen, and environmental factors then yes this is a realistic expectation.


We believe that drilled brake rotors, also called drilled brake disc are a worthwhile investment, and with realistic expectations can save you money over the long run plus improve your braking performance. If you need more information please search our site or give us a ring toll free 866-272-5396 and one of our brake specialist will be happy to help.

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