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Cross drilled brake rotors

 The History of Cross Drilled Rotors

Cross drilled rotors were originally used in stock car racing in the early 60’s. During this time most of the rotors installed on cars were not cross drilled. In fact most front brake rotors were not even vented. The racers were looking for a way to increase the life of the brakes they were using as most of the time the rotors would only make it through one track event and then have to be trashed. Engineers discovered that drilling small holes into the rotor allowed for more better cooling through the internal veins of the rotor, and consequently gave them longer rotor life. In addition to longer rotor life, many times when coming down from hi speeds the stopping distance would drastically decrease. You can imagine their surprise and delight, from that point on drilled rotors have been a staple in the performance brake industry.


Cross drilled brake rotors are no longer for racing enthusiast only.  Many of today’s sports car manufacturing companies have designed cars with cross drilled rotors to aid in the braking process.  Thanks to companies such as Chromebrakes, and Brembo cross drilled rotors are available on all types of vehicles.  From small roadsters to full size trucks all types of drivers can reap the benefits of having cross drilled rotors on their vehicle’s.  Cross drilled brakes are now available in 3 lug rotors, 4 lug rotors, 5 lug rotors, 6 lug rotors, 7 lug rotors, 8 lug rotors, 10 lug rotors, and 12 lug rotors.


Another advantage to drilled rotors being installed on your car is that they are easy to install.  Installing a performance brake rotor is no harder than installing a regular brake disc.  Generally after the Wheels and tires are slid off of the vehicle the only thing left to do is move the caliper out of the way.  Then it’s as simple as sliding off the old rotors and sliding on your new cross drilled slotted rotors.


If you have never installed drilled brake rotors on your car before you might wonder will they crack? A simple web search and you will find a plethora of misguided and bad information on this subject.  Most of the negative information is purported by companies that do not make these rotors or resellers that do not sell cross drilled brake rotors.  You might even find a horror story of rotor that has cracked in half ? in over 30 years we have never seen this happen.  That being said it is important to choose a high quality cross drilled rotor, and not something you found on an auction site for $50.  Brakes are like most things “you get what you pay for.”


There are several reasons to install performance drilled rotors.  Longer lasting rotors, shorter stopping distances, some people do it for no other reason than they like the aggressive appearance it provides when looking through the wheels.  Whatever your reason you are sure to find a wide variety of styles and price points at

Don’t forget to replace your pads when switching out your rotors

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