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Acura Brake Pads

Whether you’re looking for pads for your TL, MDX, or NSX you have found the authority on Acura brake pads and rotors.

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Customer questions and reviews of Acura brake pads 

Acura brake pads from the factory are really not that good. The Acura pads are pretty dusty and they don't last as long as I would have expected them to. I was hoping the Acura pads would stop better. One day I was out in my car while it was raining and a dump truck drove by me in the other lane and it nearly went through a large puddle left on the road. The dump truck must have been equipped with some of the much talked about semi-metallic or ceramic pads of which I hear so many good things. Because its massive tires locked up just before the large puddle on the road whereas I careened through it and my engine began sputtering, knocking and ultimately, hydrolocked in need of a total engine rebuild. All this from bad Acura brake pads. 


Before Acura ruined their cars and my wallet with mediocre and sub-par pad materials, I had considered upgrading to the better aftermarket pad manufacturers. What is best and why? Carbon-metallic, semi-metallic, ceramic and others. What kind of brake rotors should I use with these pads and why? 

[E. Risch]

Acura brake pads have some history in our family of ruining our lives. My father had a late model Acura with factory OEM brake pads on it about fifteen years ago when I was very young. He said to my, "Boy, want to go for a ride in my Acura?" I said, "Sure, Daddy!" We pronounced daddy more as "deddy" but we managed the best we could otherwise throughout our lives. So we drive out onto this lonesome, corn-lined highway and my father accelerates his late model Acura Vigor --  Vigor, a misnomer to be sure. Eventually it attains speeds in excess of the legal limit. Speeds the factory Acura brake pads apparently couldn't handle. My daddy puts the windows down in the car and shouts out the window like a dog and says, "Wheee!" I say, "Slow down, Deddy! Slow down."  Just then he entered a notorious speed trap and a state trooper was discreetly parked on the shoulder of the highway. His foot gently ridges the brake pedal with its inferior pads but it was too late. He was clocked for speeding. Unfortunately for Deddy he was years behind on some back-alimony and child support. So no more free-wheeling at the mercy of Acura brake pads anymore.

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