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Brake Drums

Brakeworld OEM Brake Drums offer the most complete line of premium, high quality, drums in the business. These vehicle-specific drums provide consistent quality, strength, performance and reduced noise. Each drum meets SAE J431/G3000 specifications with 30,000 PSI tensile strength ensuring you will have dependable, worry free braking. Each Brakeworld OEM Brake Drum is installation-ready right out of the box.

Rear Brake Drums

Brake drums are still used in some modern cars because of some engineering and cost advantages. Car brake drum allows simple incorporation of a parking brake. They are often applied to the rear wheels since most of the stopping happens in the front of the vehicle and therefore the heat generated in the rear is significantly less. Rear brake drums are also occasionally fitted as the parking (and emergency) brake even when the rear wheels use disc brakes as the main brakes. In this situation, a small drum brake is usually fitted within or as part of the brake disc.

Brake drums and brake shoes are most often used on the rear of the vehicle, although some older models used brake drum and brake shoe combinations on the front of the vehicle as well. Drum brake normally do not have as much stopping power as a brake rotor and brake pad combination, but the advantage is that they will usually last longer. 

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