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ATE SL.6 brake fluid is for vehicles equipped with electronic brake systems such as: ABS, ESP, and TCS. Conventional brake fluids are not the correct viscosity for these advanced braking systems. Recommended for cars manufactured after 1990 with electronic brake system/abs/traction control system. Hydraulic units have a large number for small bores, some are smaller in diameter than a human hair. With the thinner fluid of the ATE SL.6, it will meet the rapid response times required by these brake systems. Advantages of ATE SL.6 • Low viscosity (thin-bodied) • Permits fastest response by ESP • Optimum brake fluid for electronic brake systems like ESP, ABS, TCS, etc. • Impoved handling safety owing to speedy response of ESP • Most vehicle manufacturers already use the low-viscosity DOT 4, Class 6 (ISO4925) brake fluids in productions cars (OEM and OES)

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ATE Superblue

Ate Super Blue Racing High Performance Brake Fluid for coping with the extreme demands posed by motor racing. Thanks to its outstanding wet boiling point, it has highest safety reserves. It is used in motor racing by leading car makes. Dry boiling point 280 degrees C (535F). Wet boiling point 200 degrees C (392F). Exceeds all DOT4 standards. 1 liter container. BENIFITS: *Minimal decrease of boiling point due to excellent water locking properties *Non-foaming when filling and bleeding the brake system *Excellent corrosion protection due to selected additives *High safety tolerance against steam bubbles *Makes brake fluid changing intervals of up to 3 years possible *Suitable for all brake and clutch systems rated for DOT brake fluids

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