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While Brembo is best known for Brembo racing and race-inspired high performance braking systems, Brembo is also a global supplier of brake rotors and other brake components. Brembo manufactures over 26 million brake rotors annually in over a thousand different designs, including those used by original equipment manufacturers and original equipment suppliers.

Brake Rotors

You can have Brembo quality in original equipment replacement brake rotors that are fully compatible with your vehicle’s original brake system. And as you would expect, Brembo OE Replacement Brake Rotors are designed to equal or exceed the performance of the original equipment rotors that came on your vehicle. For that matter, in order to provide higher levels of performance and comfort, Brembo even developed one-piece cast brake rotors to replace original equipment two-piece brake rotors that feature economically stamped steel centers fastened to the braking surfaces. 

Since the 1960's, Brembo has concentrated all its effort and expertise in becoming one of the leading global suppliers of braking systems. The challenge for change has accompanied expansion, resulting in industrial and commercial operations in 15 countries and 12 plants around the world.

Research and development remain a focal point for our company: we have always strived for excellence in developing products on the cutting edge of technology, while constantly improving on the safety for the entire braking system. Brembo dedicates its investments to this area, staffing over 10% of engineers in research and development alone.

This dedication to quality has led Brembo to develop and produce braking systems in the original equipment market for the most prestigious automobiles and motorcycles; BMW, Ducati, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche.

For more than 30 years, Brembo continues to push the envelope in the motorsports arena as well; capturing championships at all levels of racing: CART, Formula 1, NASCAR, World Championship Rally, Sportscar, AMA and Superbike.

This rich experience spanning the decades only solidifies that Brembo is synonymous with quality. Brembo's dedication to innovation coupled with technological leadership and backed by successes in the demanding arenas of OEM and professional motorsports; all equate to Brembo premium products.

Brembo Brakes

Recognizing Brembo's passion for excellence has driven Brembo engineers to develop the finest replacement brake systems available in the market today. Seeing the need for systems that either optimized the original equipment brake systems, or replaced their major components for a more significant upgrade, Brembo designed, tested and manufactured these systems to provide the highest levels of quality, style and performance available.

To upgrade the braking capabilities of your street vehicle, there is no better source than Brembo. Consider the following: when leading premium, high performance automotive manufacturers develop new vehicles, their choice for braking systems is Brembo. Now you can apply the same race-inspired braking solutions to your own vehicle—whether you drive a domestic or import vehicle, a sports car, sedan, compact, SUV or full-size truck—you can benefit from increased stopping performance as well as improved appearance, through the installation of a Brembo High Performance Brake System. No matter if your goal is to simply improve the overall performance of your vehicles original braking system, or you are ready to step up to a complete high performance braking system package for weekend racing,Brembo has the systems best engineered to meet your needs.

Brembo Rotors

Brembo is truly a global supplier of rotors and other brake system components. It manufacturers over 25 million brake rotors for 25 different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Original Equipment Suppliers (OES), covering 30 different car companies in 10 countries on four continents, including all U.S. Big Three automakers. No other brake rotor manufacturer commands such a worldwide presence.

Starting with a casting from a Brembo foundry that assures uniform thickness, Brembo OE Replacement Brake Rotors are machined to exacting tolerances (the rotor run-out tolerance is only 0.0025, about half of the industry norm), feature a braking surface finish (ground or fine turned) compatible with the vehicle's OE specifications and are electronically balanced to minimize the possibility of vibration.

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